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Question: Could you provide some beginner-level project ideas, especially with a backend focus, but also incorporating some basic frontend aspects? I have completed training in Spring Core and MVC and am aiming to utilize these skills in my project.


Since you’ve finished learning Spring Core and MVC, and are focusing more on backend development, here are some ideas that involve backend logic and can also incorporate some frontend basic skills:

  1. Restful Bookstore: Build a RESTful API for a bookstore using Spring Boot and Spring MVC. It should allow users to add, delete, update, and retrieve books. A book could have attributes like ISBN, title, author, and publication date.
  2. Online Voting System: Create a secure system where users can register and vote for different candidates in various categories. This will help you understand how to handle secure user authentication and prevent vote tampering.
  3. Fitness Tracker API: This could manage user profiles, track workouts or exercises, calculate calories burned, and provide health and fitness reports. This would help you learn about complex business logic and data handling.
  4. Student Management System: This system would allow users to create, update, delete, and view students. Students can have fields like ID, name, course, and age. Implement different roles like students and admin, where admin has more rights.
  5. E-Commerce Backend: Create a backend for an e-commerce platform. This should include product management, user management, shopping cart functionality, and order processing. You can use Spring Security for handling user authentication and authorization.
  6. Blog Platform: Build a blogging platform where users can create an account, write blogs, read blogs by others, like, comment, and share. This will help you learn about handling complex relationships in databases.
  7. Hotel Booking: Develop a backend system where users can view room availability, book a room, view their bookings, and cancel bookings. Implement features like different room types, date ranges for booking, and price calculation.
  8. Task Tracker: A task tracker or a to-do list where users can add tasks, mark tasks as completed or incomplete, and delete tasks. This can be a good starting point to understand the basics of CRUD operations in Spring.
  9. Social Media: Design a simple version of a social media backend. Users should be able to create posts, follow other users, and see a feed of posts from users they follow.
  10. Online Quiz Application: A simple application where users can take quizzes on various topics and get their scores immediately. Admins can add, update, or delete questions.
  11. Inventory Management System: Create a system that keeps track of product inventory for a small store. It should allow adding new products, updating product details, and adjusting stock levels.
  12. Food Delivery App Backend: Users can see a list of restaurants in their area, view a restaurant’s menu, place an order, and check the status of their order.
  13. Forum or Message Board: Users can create threads, post messages in different threads, and reply to other users’ messages.
  14. Ride-Sharing App Backend: Simulate a basic ride-sharing app backend. Users can book a ride, see the details of their driver, and pay for the ride.
  15. Event Management System: Design an API to create and manage events. Users should be able to create an event, specify its location, date and time, and other users should be able to RSVP, post comments, and rate the event. This can introduce you to concepts like handling date and time and complex business logic.
  16. Appointment Scheduler: Design an API for an appointment booking system for a service-based business like a salon or clinic. Users should be able to book, cancel, and reschedule appointments. Employees should be able to view their schedule.
  17. Survey System: Build a system where users can create surveys, share them, and collect responses. The system should allow for data aggregation and simple analytics of the responses.
  18. Weather Application: Build an application that fetches weather data from an API like OpenWeatherMap and displays it to the user. Users can search for weather by city.
  19. Recipe Application: A system where users can add, edit, and delete recipes. Other users can view these recipes, rate them, and comment on them.
  20. Job Portal: A system where employers can post job vacancies and job seekers can apply. Include features like user registration, job posting, job applications, and job search.

All these projects involve handling HTTP requests, performing CRUD operations with a database, and implementing business logic – core backend development aspects. You can use Thymeleaf or JSP for a basic frontend, or you can integrate these backends with a simple frontend developed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Remember, it’s essential to grasp the basics and the underlying concepts, so don’t worry if you’re not able to implement complex features at first. Start small and gradually add more features as you learn. Good luck with your projects!

All credit goes to ChatGPT for coming up with ideas; I just picked a few I find appropriate for you. 


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