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Spring or Spring Boot, Maven or Gradle, XML or Code based Configuration

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A N M Bazlur Rahman:

When you begin a new project or learn something new, you always begin with the most recent version.

Despite their names, Spring Boot and the Spring Framework are one and the same. To continue, you’ll need to become familiar with the spring framework and the components that make it up. Spring boot is simply a shortcut to doing tasks that were previously difficult. As a result, SpringBoot has been simplified. Go for it.

Gradle and Maven?

It makes no difference right now; just learn one! Why not start with Gradle?

Well, I used to be a fan of XML but history tells us that it was a nightmare for newbies. In that case, use a code-based configuration.

Let us conclude with some real-world examples, shall we?

Plenty of them are available here: –

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